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Commercial and Business

Workers’ Compensation:
       All businesses are required by law to carry workers’ comp. insurance for their employees.  Business owners in the manufacturing and/or construction field struggle on a daily basis to cover this astronomical expense.  Did you know that the majority of workers comp. policies are incorrectly assessed and written by failing to apply the   applicable codes, ratings and credits?

       By giving us the opportunity to review your current policy we can save your company thousands of dollars – even refund retroactively on expired policies.

Do what’s right for your business, be at peace with the law!!

Business Owners:
       Do you know the risk you carry by manufacturing/selling/distributing or servicing to your customers?  Do you value your accumulated inventory, your business assets and your business income?  One unpredicted claim on your product or service can massively challenge your business financially and unexpectedly.  
       We will assist you with complete coverage for every angle of your business such as: General Liability, Commercial Automobile, Inventory and Assets, as well as Business Income Coverage.   

Building Owners/Developers:
       You attained your goal of investing in a real estate property to increase your assets.  Your building might still be in the construction phase or completed and occupied.  Why not keep the total asset for yourself and hand over the liabilities to us?

       We can provide the accurate coverage for your property, building equipment, rental income, luxury rental income, builders risk, soft cost and business expenses.

General Contractors/Sub Contractors:
       WE understand the everyday  problems and challenges that contractors are exposed to.  YOU know the risks that go together with your name and operation for ongoing and completed projects.  Don’t carry this enormous risk on your own shoulders!!
     We can tailor the prime coverage to your specific needs by fulfilling the requirements of contractual liability, waiver of subrogation, primary non-contributory, additional insured, per project, additional insured for completed projects, as well as insuring your contracting supplies,  tools and equipment. 

Start focusing on your own business!  Leave the insurance headaches to us!!