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About Us

Peace of Mind Insurance Brokerage LLC, was established to deliver trusty, competitive, well-tailored insurance coverage to its’ valued clients.  Its’ founder, Abraham Jaroslawitz, is reputable for his past extensive experience in the real estate management, development, construction and insurance industries.  

      With many years of knowledge and business success behind him, he has elevated countless businesses from “baby to boomer” through his social pleasing personality and ever-growing trust. Ultimately, applying his vast knowledge, expertise and experience in the industry to assist struggling businesses has become his hobby and his specialty. 
Because… Experience is not what happens to a man, but what a man does with what happens to him…. 

Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else while thinking something different.  That is exactly what influenced Mr. Jaroslawitz to realize and acknowledge the great importance of carrying proper insurance coverage for your home and business in today’s market, because you just never know when the storms of life will blow.  While working closely with so many diverse business trades he has discovered that faulty incorrect insurance coverage and high premium payments destroy businesses till the end.  With these rationales and conceptions in mind, our unique company was born!! 

       Peace of Mind Insurance Brokerage LLC, was founded with you in mind, so that you should be able to peacefully focus on the strategies and goals of your business while knowing that your insurance coverage is in good hands.We treat our clients like family, with integrity, and give you special care with professional advice to make you smart and informed before you come to conclusions. When discussing your current risks and coverage with us, you’ll learn all there is to learn and then you’ll choose your own path.  If the coverage you have is the coverage you need, we’ll tell you that!!   We use only highly rated carriers – dozens of them – and we offer a wide range of products to protect you and your assets.   

      Thinking is probably the hardest work there is, which is why so few engage in it.  But there is no need to worry about working hard to think when working with us. We will explain and make it all so clear to you that making the simple selection will be clear-cut and in your hands.  

      There are only two ways of establishing competitive advantage: Do things better than others or do them differently.  Our firm accomplishes both, because we do what’s good for you, wholeheartedly. Quality is not our company’s act; it’s our habit.  We believe that the three most important factors in this industry are:  Trust, Trust and again Trust.   

      The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.  You just never know how smart and informed you’ll get from meeting with our dedicated agency for a brief one-on-one consultation. 

They say doubt is often the beginning of wisdom.  If you are not 100% confident with the coverage you have, contact us.  Because with the unsurpassed perfect coverage we offer you can sleep soundly, with PEACE OF MIND!!!!